John Baldwin

Night Vision

Live at the Jester's Palace

This coming Friday, I will be kicking off a show featuring a variety of original darkwave and synthpop music. The lineup includes Ray Diess, Hex Cassette, Horse Girl, and Vitrina. Tickets are cheaper in advance, and they can be found here. I'll see you there!

Half Baked

John Baldwin joins the Salt Lick Records

It is my pleasure to announce that I have joined a new record label, the Salt Lick! I have been in collaboration with the Salt Lick for the Songs from the Pond series for some time now, and since the record label is now launched, I am glad to be on the roster along with Bear and the Beasts, M'lady, Silver Screen Fantasy, and Sponsored Content. I have quite a few releases in the works. Go check out the other artists here.

Montana Sky

Concrete Theory Productions presents: Into Sound

Concrete Theory Productions will be putting on another show May 22 at the Gypsy House Cafe. This show will feature an extensive lineup of local talent. $8 cover. Show up early to save your spot! More info about Concrete Theory Productions