John Baldwin

New album, Circumnavigate, released this August

After four years of hard work and careful dedication to the honing of my sound, I am excited to finally anounce that my third album will be released next month.

Circumnavigate is a collection of divergent scenes and sounds that span a circular journey. Consisting of various styles from folk rock to drum and bass, the album leaves no space for monotony. This album was as much a journey for me as it is for the listener. After the release of my second album, I began a mission to refine my sound and improve my musicianship as much as possible. This led me to many interesting places and to many inspiring people. But ultimately it was an inward journey, because all of the music on this album from the microphone to the master is completely original. No other person had any direct part in its creation. It is for this reason that I consider it the ultimate embodiment of my best musical work.