John Baldwin

Stillness Video

Upcoming Single: Blessed

On May 10th, look out for a special release from John Baldwin and C. L. Fondal! We have a funky new single called Blessed. Built around a heavy slap bassline, this song delivers the stank to your ears. We will also be releasing a video of the live version of this song, so be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel to catch that.



Introducing Stratospheric

John Baldwin and Silver Screen Fantasy proudly present this 50-minute experiment in ambient music and scenery! Combining eclectic instruments and effects on the audio side with slow-moving videos of natural landscapes, this collection of textures will be the perfect addition to your spa, or yoga studio. Take some time and slow down with us.


No Complaints Video

Album Release: Magic Leaves

Today, I am happy to announce that my latest album, Magic Leaves, is out now. A 46-minute progressive rock journey, this album will take you through a variety of soundscapes, incorporating folk and metal influences. In sharp contrast to the heavily synthesized and electronically generated Change, this project puts realness and rawness first. I have CDs available too! Come find me if you want one.