John Baldwin

Take Your Time Live

Upcoming release: Take Your Time LIVE VIDEO

On Friday, August 19th, I will be releasing a video for my live arrangement of "Take Your Time" from the album Change. Be sure to subscribe to The Salt Lick YouTube Channel to catch the premiere!


Change: The Album is Out!

Today, the much-anticipated album Change is released on all streaming platforms! CDs will also be available at the album release show tomorrow (May 21st). Be sure to come by Z Cycle Shop at 7pm for some great music and to get your hands on the special edition CD.

Change Music Video

Change: the Single, Music Video, and Album

After much hard work and deliberation, I am delighted to say that my next major release is well underway! The single from my next album, Change, is out now, and so is the much-anticipated music video! Many thanks to the Salt Lick Records as well as the cast for all their hard work in making all of this happen. Look out for the album on May 20th.